Many young people today would see the tape recorder as one good for nothing item to be trashed and let’s not even talk of gramophones and even now CDs are rarer than ever. Technology for creating and playing music has evolved greatly.

Here are top 5 technological advances that have effectively changed how musicians create music;

1) The Internet

The Internet is a technology that makes it possible for many people to connect to the same network. It comes as a top technology that has changed how musicians create music.

It definitely stands as a main determinant to how the trend in creating music goes since provides a platform for sharing ideas and tools of the trade.

On the other hand, as a medium for sharing music to consumers, it can help give an idea of where demands are more so that creators will be able to decide what type of music to make or the current in demand trend to follow.

2) MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

The magic of the MIDI is the ability to produce different sounds of different musical instruments with one interface. You can think of the digital keyboard that produce sounds ranging from piano, strings and percussion instruments.

This technology allows for easy recording of the required combination of sounds that makes up a good music without having the instrument say trumpet plus the skill of the trumpeter.

3) Music Production Software

Even with the midi alone, if you have to record what you create from a live production, you’d have to repeat several times to get the perfect music. The music software helps in making it even much easier to string together music and remove where necessary, sounds that may not be needed.

Software for music creation makes it possible to seamlessly edit music of more than one sound track that can be used together in the final work.

Some of the top used music production software names; Ableton Live, FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, and Garageband are where some top artists start their music career.

4) Digital Streaming Web Services

In the sea of Internet, web services that provide on-demand music to their customers have direct impact on how music is made nowadays.

Between the top players; SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, MySpace and others, music creators have to answer questions about how to monetize their music based on the targeted users and the information about them. These streaming web services were developed by sophisticated web progrmaming language like Javascript, Ruby on Rails, etc. and it’s mostly done by web development companies like

5) Loop Pedals

With this technology, one man live band is very possible! In fact it is a reality that most people make music with the ‘loop pedals’.

Ed Sheeran is famous for using the loop pedals for live performances. Another name to you can look up for loop pedal in action was when one of the ‘Pentatonix’ used it.


Technologies for production and sharing now allow creators to focus on creating their music in a competitive network where distribution is not much of a problem.

It is left to see what new innovation will evolve in this space. Keep watching and creating!