“bare” is the brainchild of lyricist Jon Hartmere, Jr. and composer Damon Intrabartolo.  After an initial staged reading at the Hudson Mainstage Theater in Hollywood, the show opened on October 14, 2000. 

Expecting a run of only 6 weeks, the cast and crew were overwhelmed by praise and support. 

The show’s run  was extended an amazing 4 times, finally closing February 25, a full three months beyond the expected length of stay. 

It has received multiple awards already and has been featured in such news media as The Los Angeles Times Calendar, The LA Weekly, and Showmag.com.

About the Story

Bare is the coming-of-age story of five high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school.

Knowing that their stay in this insular world is drawing to a close, each must stumble through the question, “what next?” Answers are sought in the church confessional, and in less formal ones: on stage, at a rave and in the privacy of a well-locked dorm room. There, secrets crash about and settle, to be picked up by whoever is ready to further the journey. 

Jason, popular and put-together, has his sights set on a basketball scholarship.

His clandestine relationship with Peter, a fellow senior more at home on the stage than the basketball court, threatens to ruin everything Jason has built up; perhaps he wants it to. Nadia, Jason’s twin sister, has all of his acerbic wit but none of the looks to complete the package.

Her friend Matt’s desire to fit in is nearly as strong as his religious faith, traits that clash repeatedly. And finally there’s Ivy, the girl who will bring everyone’s issues to light when she falls in love for the first time.

All, consciously or not, must wrestle with living a life that doesn’t fit squarely into the expectations laid out by their parents, church and society. Some succeed, some don’t, as little by little the facades are stripped away and each is finally, completely, laid bare. 


Bernice is a song writer and was privileged to be among the casts of the "bare" in 2011. Since then, she's written a ton of songs for many musicians.

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